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Day 1 – March 19th

09:00am - 09:10am

Open Remarks

Conference Chairman: Stephen Applebaum, Insurance Claims Solutions

09:10am - 09:50am

Matured Role of Analytics – A Chubb Perspective

Analytics has evolved substantially in the P&C insurance industry. Implementation of analytics isn’t just an easy issue to solve. The team needs to have a keen understanding of technology and operationalization issues. Additionally, analytics is disruptive. However, it is good only in the way our business would want to process it. Humility and the ability to listen to business users are needed to succeed. Analytics is turning out to be more of a combination of common sense, empathy, maturity and patience rather than mathematical science alone. Upendra Belhe takes us through his journey and evolution of the Chief Analytics Scientist role.

With: Upendra Belhe, Chief Analytics Technology Officer, Chubb

09:50am - 10:30am

Differentiation is Critical in the New Insurance Landscape

The operating background carriers face remains extremely challenging due to the tepid economic recovery, pronounced structural change led by rapid technological innovation and increasing competition in most business lines. In response carriers are searching for new approaches to deepen customer relationships, improve operating efficiencies and find additional ways to differentiate in the marketplace. In this session Paul Ballew, Chief Data and Analytic Officer, will provide his unique perspective on:

  • Leveraging big data through analytics capabilities to provide actionable insights
  • Adopting a transformational approach to analytics
  • Uncovering what’s next in the “big data” journey and where analytic methods and capabilities are heading for insurance carrier
  • Acquiring the necessary components to accelerate the entire analytic journey

With: Paul Ballew, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

10:30am - 11:00am

Networking Coffee Break

11:00am - 11:40am

Bring analytics strategies to life

The key to successful analytics strategies starts with the technology, people and plan in place. In order to track the performance of personal and commercial lines proper measurable must be implemented.

  • Explore trade-offs between better solutions and the best solution
  • Discuss what works and what does not – how to work around setbacks
  • Define a roadmap for effective communication to multiple stakeholders

With: David Zona, CChief Underwriting Officer, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

11:40am - 12:10pm

Lead or Follow: How to build your analytics dream team to drive insight, impact, and innovation

Rapid innovation in disruptive technology such as driverless cars and telematics, combined with demographic shifts and evolving consumer behavior, is creating an inflection point for the insurance industry. At the same time, insurers are looking to outpace competitors in an environment where growth has settled at 2%-3% with a combined ratio around 100%.

Whether insurance carriers choose to lead or follow, business users need information that is smarter, faster and visual so they can easily drive short-term objectives as well as longer-term strategies. To deliver what business users need, your analytics team needs a wide range of skills that optimizes an ideal collaboration between humans and machines.

  • Understand the different roles that can be configured within an analytics team to solve business problems across the insurance value chain.
  • Review examples of short-term and longer-term disruptions that are changing the insurance industry
  • Learn how you can institutionalize and increase analytical sophistication to enable a data-driven enterprise
  • Explore ways to configure your analytics dream team to address underwriting, pricing and claims across business analysts, data science, big data engineering and visual story-telling.

With: Deepak Ramanathan, VP, Head Insurance Practice, Fractal Analytics

12:10pm - 1:40pm

Networking Lunch

1:40pm - 2:20pm

Define analytics success & the customer life cycle

From claims, pricing, marketing, fraud and actuarial functions, understanding your customers is paramount for every business cycle. Collaboration between departments ensures customer understanding is at its best. Feeding insights into other departments to achieve the ultimate “360 degree view” is what will lead to a complete understanding.

  • Move decision-making to a more a collaborative and semi-automated system
  • Utilize analytics to asses which customers are a “good bet” through claims, risk, and pricing integration
  • Measure and monitor customer satisfaction and loyalty to feed back into pricing
  • Make better pricing and marketing decisions by understanding policyholders’ purchasing, retention and conversion behavior
  • estimating future customer tenure and life time value

Moderator: John Papadia, President, Clarity
Panelists: Wade Bontrager, CEO, EagleEye Analytics
Brij Masand, CEO, Actionable Analytics Corp
Munish Arora, Senior Manager, Product Analytics, CSAA

2:20pm - 3:00pm

Analytical Use Cases and Methods across P&C Insurance Company Functions

Predictive modeling is often spoken of as if it was a unified discipline. However, business problems, outcomes, tools and methods can vary greatly by functional area, as well as the business and technological knowledge required by the analysts. Explore how analytics must be approached differently for common functional departments in a P&C insurance company.

  • Addressing methods, tools and outcomes in pricing, underwriting, fraud, security, risk management, and customer analytics

With: Bob McPherson, Director, P&C Actuarial Research Analytics, Nationwide

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Networking Coffee Break

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Five New Buzz” - Soul of a Future Integrated Advanced Analytic Ecosystem related to Insurance Business Applications

  • Based on various CIO interactions, this sessions takes us through the emerging analytic ecosystems for Insurance, and how it will change the landscape of doing business.
  • The “5 new buzz” - Machine Learning, Complex Event Processing, Big Data, Mobile BI and Cloud BI, coupled with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions will boost Analytic Intelligence applications for insurance related to Fraud, Claim Intelligence from Machine Sensor data, Customer Analytics and other areas.
  • The future of analytics will be driven by a combination of analytic constructs – Predictive Mining, Complex Event Processing, Rule based Alerts, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence and knowledge dissemination via cloud and mobile BI applications. The session will discuss some of the business applications for the above construct.

With: Sundip Gorai, Head of Analytics & Insurance Practice, L&T Infotech

4:00pm - 4:20pm

Investment Risk Analytics

Life insurance firms build asset portfolios to match expected liabilities far out in future. Tracking error between the portfolio assets and the hedges are an ongoing challenge for the portfolio manager. On another front, investment risk analysis is generally based on discrete theoretical scenarios or historical relationships, which are not adequately rich to predict future portfolio behavior, especially in times of crisis.

  • Driving Predictive analytics to transform buy-side portfolio management through modeling of investment risk
  • Leveraging diverse data sets

With: Shekhar Shastri, Head of Innovation Lab, Sun Life Financial

4:20pm - 5:00pm

Find a happy medium between regulatory & ethical standards

Working within the confines of regulatory barriers can make it difficult to spur innovation and improve customer intimacy. How do we drive innovation and new insights while streamlining with legislation? At what point do you know your customers too well before sacrificing the B2C relationship?

  • Explore the differences between personalized and de-personalized data
  • Ensure your data fosters customer consent and trust
  • Share data across borders – examine the role of competition law

Moderator: Bob Passmore, Senior Director – Personal Lines Policy, PCIAA

Panelists: Aaron Brandenburg, Economist & Statistical Information Manager, NAIC
Bill Guthrie, Chief Information Officer, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
Paul Ballew, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Dun &Bradstreet

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Day 2 – March 20th

09:00am - 09:40am CASE STUDY

Successfully implement data analytics into your day-to-day operations

The challenge for many companies is to overcome their natural inclination to be intimidated by the perceived complexity of building a successful data-driven strategy. In fact, once you get beyond the fancy vocabulary, a good data-driven strategy requires operating executives to understand the data they want to analyze. In order to achieve this strategy you must better understand the process and tools you can use to integrate data analytics into your operations for maximum results.

With: Brian Cohen, CEO, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

09:40am - 10:20am

Insurance data and analytics skills, competencies and Roles

An explosion of volume and variety of information, and desire to consume such information at the same speed as it is produced at, creates a unique opportunity and challenges for the insurance companies. To overcome the challenges and maximize the returns, the insurance analysts are diversifying into variety of roles, skills and competencies to build competitive edge for their enterprise. This session will review what such roles look like as the data driven culture embeds deeper in the insurance enterprises

With: Munish Arora, Senior Manager, Product Analytics, CSAA

10:20am - 11:00am PANEL

Set up the information and organizational infrastructure to deliver maximum value from all your internal data

In a perfect world, if underwriting were to tap into marketing, claims and actuarial databases they could ultimately achieve the holistic view of the customer. How can we use analytics to improve customer transparency, organizational efficiency and overcome siloed departments? Additionally, how do we mine data out of legacy systems to extract value from customer data to improve business decisions?

  • Move from siloed systems to work across organizational borders
  • Mine data out of legacy systems to support granular data
  • Address issues and challenges around integration of structured and unstructured data
  • Define leadership accountability and responsibility with a company-wide analytics strategy

Moderator: Seth Earley, CEO, Earley & Associates
Panelists: Elizabeth Riczko, Group Analytics Leader, Westfield Insurance
Gregory Short, President, DataDNA
Nora Fitzgerald, VP, Statistical Reporting, Corporate Actuarial, CNA
Bob McPherson, Director, P&C Actuarial Research Analytics, Nationwide

11:00am - 11:30am

Networking Coffee Break

11:30am - 11:50am

Text and Data Mining Solutions for Insurance

Business operation of an insurance company generates wealth of data about contracts, claims, arbitrations, litigations, regulations, customer communications and survey responses. These data can provide invaluable business insights and facilitate informed decisions. However, the amounts of data one needs to analyze are enormous, its semantics complex, and the main portion of these data is stored in the form of free text documents, which cannot be efficiently processed by traditional analytical tools.

This talk illustrates how innovative advanced analytics techniques are used to address typical data analysis challenges in insurance. We provide an outline of key text and data mining steps and techniques and present in more detail several important business solutions incorporating analytics as their cornerstone.

We discuss solutions performing the prediction of litigation and subrogation probability, and fraud detection based on claims data, the analysis of customer communications and surveys data, collaborative databases, and social media data.

With: Sergei Ananyan, Ph.D, cofounder and CEO, Megaputer Intelligence

11:50am - 1:10pm FOCUSED SESSION

Claims analytics

Part 1: Overcome the challenges to win big with claims analytics

Claims Departments all have an ocean of data and mountains of reports. Unfortunately, most struggle to go beyond basic reporting and are poor at delivering "actionable information” – why is this so difficult?

  • Learn the single most important thing you can do with claims systems and supporting systems
  • Understand what must be done to successfully deploy predictive analytics
  • It starts with a team: who to hire and how to align them?
  • Hear best practice for setting KPI’s, report distribution, dashboard creation and scorecard implementation
  • Share information effectively to Establish a Claims Analytics Culture

Part 2: Explore the benefits of feeding claims and fraud data into pricing to deliver more accurate decisions

In the US alone, fraud nearly accounts for $80 billion in fraudulent claims are made annually. Fraud contributes to higher insurance premiums because insurance companies must pass the costs of bogus claims onto policyholders. Being proactive opposed to reactive in detecting patterns of fraud through analytics save insurance companies billions of dollars annually.

  • more real-time analysis: segment claims through analytics and identify areas for improvement activity
  • Investigate claims interactively to see patterns and detect probable fraud
  • Spot data attributes that indicate fraud ahead of time to take a more proactive, rather than reactive approach

Moderator: Stephen Applebaum, Insurance Claims Solutions
Panelists: Grant Little, Director of Claims Technology & Analytics, National General
Wayne Wendling, VP, Actuarial/Strategic Research & Economics Modeling, CNA

1:10pm - 2:10pm

Networking Lunch

2:10pm - 2:50pm

Web Data 101: Learn what’s out there and how to use it

New to web data analysis? Not sure what data points to ask for? In an evolving world of cross channel analysis and DMP adoption, the online world meets offline. Find out the robust amount of information included in most web analysis tools, and learn how data can be leveraged for risk assessment, discounts, and more.

  • Factor in online behavior when create pricing models
  • Use online activity to evaluate attrition factors
  • Leverage site and social media data to bring propensity models up to speed

With: Heather Mills, Web Analytics Administrator, American Family Insurance

2:50pm - 3:30pm

Beyond Phones: A World of Potential in Smart Devices

Insurance companies are by now fully aware of the transformative effect the smartphone has had on consumers’ relationships with their insurers, their personal data, and their digital lives. But the effects don’t end at the rounded corners of the latest must-have mobile handset. A wealth of commonly used items, from cars to refrigerators to blood-pressure cuffs, are being equipped with location-aware, always-on, data-collecting (and –transmitting) sensors. The availability of that kind of data has the potential to rewrite the way insurers evaluate and monitor risk. In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss extant and theoretical uses of data from smart devices, as well as well as privacy, security, regulation and infrastructure.

Moderator: Nathan Golia, Senior Editor, Insurance & Technology
Panelists: Piyush Singh, Chief Information Officer, Great American Insurance Group
Partha Srinivasa, Chief Information Officer, Houston Casualty

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