Learn from Your Corporate Peers to Extract Useful Business Insights from Your Company's Data:

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Exclusive insights on core analytics issues:

  • Extract business value from analytics: Hear real world case studies on how to ensure a strong ROI from your analytics initiatives
  • Understand when you need real-time data and how to get it: See what is happening with your customers in real time so you can respond before your competitors do
  • Get a 360° view of your customers: Integrate different types of data from multiple data sources for deeper insights and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Drive faster, more accurate decision making: Use dashboards and visualization tools to ensure analytics findings are communicated effectively for the fastest data-driven business decisions
  • Use meaningful data in an actionable way: Don’t drown in your data - learn when you need Big Data and when small data will do

The Useful Business Analytics Summit is a platform for corporate peers to meet and determine how analytics can improve business decision making. The focus will be on how to identify and analyze useful data, to get useful insights which can drive useful business decisions.

"There is a huge need for simplification and consolidation of analytics into a single platform/database, creating a single source for our analytics"

Alex Uher, Director, CRM & Analytics, L'Oréal Paris

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Make Better, Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

Most business decisions are driven by past experiences, emotions and intuition. But what if the analytics say something completely different? How do you strike the correct balance between data-driven insights and gut feeling to arrive at the right decision more often? 

Presenters at the Useful Business Analtyics Summit will be exclusively corporate practitioners – professionals who are dedicating their careers to promoting and facilitating data driven decisions in their organizations.

A company can have all the fancy analytics tools in the world, but it’s the extent to which decision makers have access to the right data, at the right time, and are able to use it in the right way to ensure opportunities are realized and mistakes avoided.

"At its core, analytics is about how organizations make decisions, in terms of planning out decision points, as well as the processes, systems, methodologies, collaboration, and governance that drive decision making in their organizations."

Stephen Sharpe, Director of Global Strategic Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

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What Sets This Conference Apart From The Rest?

  1. Extensive research: Months of meticulous research with leading analytics experts has ensured that this agenda will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to strengthen your data strategy.
  2. Real Networking: 150-200 subject matter experts set to attend. Learn, engage, and build your business with over 10 networking hours built into the agenda.
  3. High caliber speakers: Hear from over 20 analytics leaders from major brands on how they’ve used analytics insights to drive business success
  4. Profitable solutions: Products showcased at the exhibition could be exactly what you are looking for to increase profitability and get the best from your data.
  5. Stimulating debate: The conference is structured to encourage active participation and Q&A. Exchange ideas with speakers and fellow delegates to get all of your questions answered.

"Without investing in your own capabilities, the data and analytics journey will be more challenging "

Farouk Ferchichi , Executive Director Toyota Financial Services

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Who is Attending?

Vice President - Brand Campaigns, Birchbox
Vice President - Marketing Measurement, Fidelity Investments
Senior Data Scientist, GE Capital
Senior Manager, Customer Voice & Digital Analytics, Nordstrom
Sr. Director, Global Consumer Insights, Pepsico
Chief Marketing Officer, Zipcar

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"Specific continued trends will be the increased usage of mobile, Cloud, and Big Data applications along with a redefining of IT’s involvement."

Cosmo Gentile, SVP Manager of Business Performance Reporting and Analytics, RBS Citizens

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How can you get involved?

Position yourself as an industry thought leader by speaking in front of your peers and network with other like-minded professionals.

To learn more, contact Alesia Siuchykava, Project Director of Data Driven Business at alesia@datadrivenbiz.com or (201) 204-1694.

Alesia Siuchykava

Alesia Siuchykava

Project Director
Data Driven Business
Telephone: 201-204-1694
Email: alesia@datadrivenbiz.com
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