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The Digital Metrics Field Guide extract

The Digital Metrics Field Guide: The Definitive Reference for Brands using the Web, Social Media, Mobile Media, or Email is for every enterprise that sends emails, has a website, maintains a social media presence, or uses mobile to communicate with customers or prospects, and for the suppliers, vendors, and consultants who service them. It is for those who are given reports that include metrics, who work with analysts but may not themselves be analysts, and who hold some responsibility for planning and evaluating a brand’s digital initiatives. The Field Guide provides the background, foundation, and authority for everyone in an organization, no matter its size, category, brands, or budget, to speak a common language of metrics while enhancing their ability to manage, make informed and wise decisions, and grow their business.

The Field Guide describes 197 of the most widely available metrics. When research is available for a metric, the book distills relevant studies that explain why it works, how it works, and when to challenge the conventional wisdom. Metrics are organized in ways that make them easy to find and are meaningful to practitioners, such as by category, channel, impression type and marketing stage. In addition, 12 leading measurement authorities contributed essays on reveal challenges, tensions, and opportunities that actively shape measurement’s future today. The book concludes with a summary essay that clearly lays out the lessons learned.

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