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Using Text Mining to Drive ROI

When we are analyzing customer experiential data we can see “what” is going on but many times we don’t understand the “why”. By combining experiential data (transactions) with survey information and social media data we can get a much clearer understanding of the relationship dynamics.

  • Learn why it is so important to combine all this information.
  • Understand why there is no magic bullet – usually it is a series of small things.
  • Identify what other information can we involve in the mix.
  • Find out how we can use this information to drive revenue.
  • Measure the value of your text analytics strategies. Is ROI only about money?
Allan Thompson
SVP Corp & Comm Analytics & Reporting
Bank of America

Integrate Technology to Gain a More Holistic Customer View

In a Quester® presentation, learn how large volumes of consumer verbatims were analyzed to map consumer mindsets and quantify consumer insights, within days.

  • Efficiency is key: Learn how a text analytics engine allows researchers to measure insights quickly and accurately.
  • Benefit from technology integration and realize the ease of training modules in applying a new solution.
  • Learn how linguistics and psychiatric interviewing techniques were used to optimize text analytics output.
Manvir Kalsi, Manager
Consumer Market Insights
Samsung Electronics America
Tim Hoskins
VP of Client Relations
Zack Nippert

Customer Insights in a connected world

In today's world of connected devices and Internet of Things how do you understand your customer? Your customer switches across multiple channels to come to you. Your customer comes from multiple screens and each touch point is data telling you insights to help create better experience for them. Hear what are the trends and best practice to adopt to the world of connected devices.

Sudha Jamthe
Mobile Product Analytics Lead

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